About Me


Thanks for stopping by.

Welcome to my Journey Page.
This is where I am talking about what Plexus has done for me.
I started on May 15, 2017. I had just had a sadness occur in my life and I needed to focus on something else.
So I choose to focus on ME and my health for a change. I had spent the past 18 months focusing on others and now it either focus on me or lose my mind.

My friend from school had been asking me on Facebook to try something she was posting about called a #PinkDrink.

Because I have a variety of health issues I sort of ignored her posts. When she asked if I would try a sample, I said yes. I tried one part but not the other.

Then…sadness happened and soon after a chance for a 7 day challenge with Plexus Slim.
I decided what the heck. I asked a few questions, determined that I could risk it and placed my order.

Halfway through my week I was feeling better.
I had more energy because I was sleeping better!
What was going on?
Then there was the Facebook group with the people telling me about what the other products had done for them.
I was starting to be interested.
One of the big time ambassadors,(that is what we are called), offered to reimburse someones enrollment fee if the joined that day.
Well, I decided to take a CHANCE.
I already knew that I was going to continue taking the Slim with the Tri-Plex program.

So I enrolled! It was only 34.95 to become an ambassador. Which means I can purchase my products at a reduced price but also I am part of this wonderful opportunity and I can share it with so many others.

Now that I have been on Triplex for several weeks I have lost 11 pounds and my clothes fit better. I sleep better at night. I have more energy.

So I hope that others read this and join me on my journey.

I want to help people find health and happiness.

But this won’t just be all Plexus all the time. There are other things that contribute to be a happy healthy you. As I am on my journey I will pass on all that I learn and more about myself to everyone.
Trust me. There is fun to be had! Recipes! Stories! Not just Pink Drink stuff!